Yellow Jackets and PatternMakings

(originally posted 8/2/2013)

so i’ve had an idea for a bag since i first saw this pretty pair of obi. the obi are black pinstripe and bright yellow. the yellow is happy, i can’t help but like it, and the black pinstripe is just awesome, and needs to be a bag so bad it screams at me when i look at it.

i finally drew it out the other week. my drawing skillz are…. lacking? shall we say? so i decided to use my photoshopping skillz (which are much more formidable) to draw you a picture of what’s been happening in my head.

see, i’m going to combine the black and yellow obi into this cool shoulder bag. the yellow will peek-a-boo out from the black, and cheer it up. i’m thinking that the yellow will also be the lining, though i’m not discounting the possibility that i may find a pretty piece of vintage silk or satin to use instead.

i actually designed the /shape/ of this bag while i was at work one day. if you follow my twitters, you probably know that my dayjob is as a flooring associate at the big orange box store.

i was covering the paint dept one day when they were short, and as a way to combat the severe bordem that happens to me whenever i cover paint, i started looking at the handbags that the ladies who came in were carrying.

my design is based on a couple of different bags. one, i liked the size. the other, i liked the color blocking idea on the front, but the contrast on that bag wasn’t severe enough to be interesting to me for long. then i thought of the black and yellow obi that i had purchased as pure impulse items on ebay one day, and the idea for “the yellow jacket” bag came to life!

i think i have all the supplies on hand for this bag. except for the handle. i can’t decide if i want the handle to be out of the same obi as the main bag, or if i want to purchase some black leather handles. i’m leaning toward purchased handles, just to cut down on construction time. making handles can get tedious and annoying, especially when trying to sew through 8-12 layers of stiff obi in an attempt to sew a D-ring or a box ring onto the strap, just so you can attach it to the bag later. so yeah, premade is looking more and more attractive.

now i just have to get up the courage to CUT THE OBI. *skeered* *afeared* *hiding the scissors*

any thoughts? prose? exclamations?
beuller? beuller? ;D

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