Blue Characters Vintage Obi-Made Possibilities Bag


this pretty little flap bag was made with the inner lining from a vintage obi. i cut open the obi to make another bag, and found that it was lined with this great fabric!

the pattern looks to be some very small characters and blocks, though they’re not clear enough to make out what the character is meant to be. the fabric is woven, and thin enough that the printed pattern shows through on both sides.

the bag is made with a double layer of this fabric, so it’s self-lined. the fabric is most definitely vintage, and is showing it’s age with several small holes which have been secured with fray check, just to be sure. the bag has no snaps/straps to close it, it’s a simple foldover handbag.

if you’d like a closure added, please just say so. i can sew in a couple clear snaps to hold it closed, no extra charge.

This bag was made with the lining from an obi from the 1930s. As such, I DO NOT reccommend washing this bag. If it gets dirty or a spot on it, spot cleaning is ok, but DO NOT toss this bag in the washer/dryer, and please do not have it dry cleaned, i’m not sure it would survive.

measures ::
6.75″x6.75″ no handles

This bag is shipped well-padded in a flat-rate priority mail envelope.

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Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 7 × 7 × .25 in