Vintage Obi-Made Cream and Gold Embroidered Shoulder Bag


This bag was made out of a vintage Nagoya Obi.
The body is cream, shot through with gold threading, with a touch of orange piping along the sides for interest.
The flap is decorated with sashiko embroidery, and is made of the decorated part of the te (main part) of the obi.
The straps are decorated with creamy-gold upholstery trim in the same hue as the main body of the bag.
The lining is royal purple vintage satin, and the 2 inside pockets are made from more of the vintage obi.

Since this bag was made from a vintage stiffened obi, it does not fold well. It will crease and will not uncrease, no matter how much steam is used. As such, I DO NOT reccommend washing this bag. If it gets dirty or a spot on it, spot cleaning is ok, but DO NOT toss this bag in the washer/dryer, and please do not have it dry cleaned.

measures ::
13×8 to top of flap.
13×22 to top of straps.

This is a completely One of a Kind bag; there will never be another.
This bag is shipped well-padded in a large flat-rate priority mail box.

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Additional information

Weight 20 oz
Dimensions 13 × 6 × 8 in