Inaugural Postings!

(originally posted 4/2/2013)

holy wow, lookit this! Obi.Revisited has it’s own site now! i’m so excited i can barely contain myself! (hence all the exclamation marks, i assume.)

i’ve spent the last few weeks getting everything looking exactly how i want, and i finally purchased my domain name just this morning! i’m glad i have a unique business name, because now my .com is just as easy to find as my bigcartel and etsy shops are. i think i’ll be phazing out the bigcartel site, since i can only have 5 items there, and the way i create, that’s just not practical.

for anyone wondering, this is a weebly site that i’ve customized, and my shop is actually a tictail store that’s also gotten the custom treatment. we’ll see how i like all this, or if things may change over the next few weeks/months. i’m liking it so far, i must say. one of the reviews of tictail said it’s “the tumblr of ecommerce”, and i have to agree. it’s pretty easy to use, and i appreciate that. the shipping settings are a little bit of an odd fit for me, but once i got it figured, it was dead easy. small learning curves are always appreciated, aren’t they?

honestly, i don’t have a whole lot to say, and blog posts will probably be fairly erratic, but we’ll see how it goes. maybe i’ll remember to update my blog when i update my shop now, since they’re pretty well integrated. i guess we’ll find out together!

happy day!

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