The Wave, a Hip Bag


Hip in more than one way.
This is a bag that sits on your hips, and it’s also pretty cool to look at.

The front of this bag features a mountain and surrounding grounds from an old and damaged Obi. The mountain is actually an overlay pocket, with decorative stitching on one side, because the Obi wasn’t wide enough to traverse the whole bag. The main body of the bag is made from the same Obi, but the solid black portion. There is black webbing sewn into the bag with a slide on one side, so that you can adjust the size of the piece to suit you. It fits me with room to spare, and for reference, my hips are 50″ around. Smaller people will simply have more of a “tail” to tuck through their belt loops. The bag closes with a zipper, concealing 2 inside sections.

The bag measurements are as follows::
7.25″ across at base, 9.5″ at strap attachment
4″ tall at skinniest, 4.5″ at strap attachment
total strap length 58″, 4″ are attached to the slide on one side of the bag, the other 54″ are a loose strap attached to the opposite side of the bag, as seen in the photos.

I can make this style of bag with other figural Obi. If you have one in mind, please contact me!

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Additional information

Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 10 × 3 × 5 in