Tasseled Biking Bag


These cute bags are designed for use when biking.
They have 2 zippered sections, a main one that rests against your back, and a smaller one that closes securely with a zipper on each side, and then snaps closed over the main zippered section, so it’s not going anywhere!

The main section has 2 interior slip pockets, one on each side of the interior, and this smaller bag holds a LOT! I made one of these for my sister, and she carries a tablet, stand, keyboard, pencil/pen cases, a bag of computer cords, and 2 packages of travel tissues in the main pocket of hers, and has no trouble zipping it closed.

The outer pocket unsnaps from the base of the strap, then unzips all the way down, with a zip on each side, allowing for maximum access to any objects stored there. It has a slip pocket, and just behind it, there’s a zippered pocket as well, to keep things like change or credit cards in, and away from prying eyes or from falling out while you’re biking.

The outer portions of both these bags are cut from the same vintage obi. The lining of the purple bag is vintage yukata fabric. The lining of the orange bag is a modern quilting cotton (couldn’t find orange yukata fabric that i liked!)

Overall 7.75″ wide x 11″ tall x 2″ deep
Outer pocket unzips to a full 8″ depth at the top

68″ adjustable nylon webbing strap – the shortest it currently can get is 32″. if you want this shortened, just say so at checkout!

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Additional information

Weight 48 oz
Dimensions 8 × 3 × 12 in
Flower Color

Purple, Orange